Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama To Celebrate St. Pat’s With Irish PM

Irish PM Brian Cowen
Brian Cowen
Taoiseach of Ireland

Catholic Prime Minister brings genealogical gifts

When he arrives at the White House to celebrate St. Patrick's Day—now that that Brazilian guy's been sent packing—Irish Taoiseach, (tea-shock, equivalent to Prime Minister), Brian Cowen will present Obama with a copy of baptismal records which prove Obama's Offaly connections, (that's just too easy, folks—I'm not even going to touch it).

Prime Minister Cowen will give Obama a photograph of Templeharry Church in Moneygall, where Obama's great-great-great-grandfather, Fulmouth Kearney, (um... nope, still too easy), was baptized, along with parish records and a picture of the schoolhouse his ancestors attended.

Mr. Cowen will also extend an invitation to Obama to visit Ireland and Moneygall—which has nothing to do with Obama's economic policies.


Top of the agenda during Mr Cowen's visit will be the global economy, Cowen's proposed relaxing of work visa requirements for Irish entry to the US, and the rekindling of “The Troubles" in Northern Ireland.

White House aides are reportedly scrambling to find a menorah to honor Mr. Cowen's visit.

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