Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Congressional Witness Intimidation: David Sokol Video Interview

As reported in my 16 June article, GOP Congressmen have accused Congressman Ed Markey of witness intimidation during the dissenting testimony of MidAmerica Energy CEO David Sokol.

Although the vast majority of the media has remained ominously—and unconscionably—silent, Larry Kudlow of CNBC interviewed Sokol on the matter.

Congressman Joe Barton, (R-Texas), appears, in committee, at the beginning of the video, questioning Markey’s actions.

Sokol states that in a conversation with the Congressman, Markey suspiciously maintains that—though his signature was on the letter to FERC—he had no knowledge whatsoever of the letter until after it was sent.

Below is an embedded video of the Kudlow-Sokol interview, (you may have to suffer a brief advertisement at the beginning). Shockwave-flash is required to view the video.

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